GLOPATH Philosophy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to nurture accomplishment. We cherish the ambitions of youth who are taking the lead to create strong futures with the children of the world
We are determined to foster positive attitudes towards;
Realizing one’s potential-
Developing leadership skills.
Developing strong communication skills
We aim to create an environment of cooperation. This environment would have joy and gratitude for our chance to grow and demonstrate our abilities and confidence.
We call this place that we create together; GLOPATH FRIENDS.
We aim to grow GLOPATH FRIENDS internationally and build on various attributes to be able to empathize and understand each other


We are to learn from others and would convey what we learned to every generation
We are going to accumulate our communication with various people
We are going to build a GLOPATH FRIENDS COMMUNITY of over 1 billion people


We are going to respond to the expectations of the market- in an assertive manner
We will have fair management and be responsive to each other
We will have a meaningful and principled financess


WE will continuously learn to develop and grow our skills to be creators, thinkers, and communicators.
We will continue to develop our leadership skills.
We will use our wit and knowledge for others to learn through fun
We will be risk takers and will share something with our peers
We will be problem solvers


We will build the future and lead the world with our ideas and innovations.

Our organization will draw on the strengths and ideas of the younger generation.

We feel the world is looking for new leadership and ideas. We are the future and will be part of the new paths.

GLOPATH WILL be making that chance

Ayaka Nirei Founder

Company Profile

Corporate Brand:GLOPATH
Date of Establishment:18th May, 2011
Headquarter: 2F#C 3-1-8, Hatori, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa JAPAN

GLOPATH Education Company
Address:2F#C 3-1-8, Hatori, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa JAPAN

CEO:Eiko Aso
Founders:Ayaka Nirei, Ruka Saito, Mitsuki Saito
Advisers:Valerie Pearson, Gaiety Iwasawa


Ayaka Nirei
Date Of Birth:1997/6/6

Ruka Saito
Date Of Birth:1997/8/19

Mitsuki Saito
Date Of Birth:1999/1/10